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Mentorship Program

By August 24, 2023January 26th, 2024No Comments4 min read

eBPF Foundation Mentorship Program

The eBPF Foundation is funding mentoring programs run on the LFX Mentorship platform. The eBPF Foundation is a great place to spend time learning, coding, documenting, participating, and contributing. We look forward to receiving your application to become a mentor, along with your innovative project ideas!

Project Proposal Template

See here

LFX Mentorship

The Linux Foundation Mentorship program, plays a crucial role in providing mentees, including students and both new and experienced programmers; with structured hands-on learning opportunities in open source software development. Through the program, mentees are paired with mentors based on their skills and interests to gain valuable experience by participating in and contributing to open source projects, all while getting paid for it.

LFX Mentorship official documentation has specific information for mentors. We encourage you to check out the following documents:


Program Duration:

Full-Time: 3 Months

Part-Time: 6 Months.

What Next?

Once your project is selected, all the details will be uploaded to the LFX mentorship platform and the program will be activated. From that point, all things will be handed to that platform.

The below sections are taken from the CNCF Mentoring program.

Why become a mentor?

Linux Foundation has a very good article titled “Why to Become a Mentor” document which provides valuable insights into the numerous benefits of being a mentor. This document shares compelling success stories and offers further information to illustrate why mentoring is such a rewarding experience.

Mentoring allows you to give back to the community and support others in their learning journey, and presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Mentoring enables you to acquire new skills and enhance your existing knowledge. It is a profoundly fulfilling experience that fosters personal and professional development. Moreover, mentoring serves as an effective means to attract new contributors to your project and community while simultaneously improving their skills. It creates a positive cycle of mentorship and collaboration that benefits both the mentor and the mentee 

Expectations from Mentors

Mentors are expected to:

  1. Generate project ideas for potential mentees before the program starts
  2. Evaluate mentees and proposals submitted by mentees for acceptance into the program
  3. Be available to answer questions and provide guidance to mentees
  4. Help mentees get involved in the community, including code reviews, documentation, and other contributions
  5. Help mentees learn some soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, time management, and community mechanics
  6. Provide feedback on the mentee’s work

Every mentorship program of eBPF Foundation is either a full-time or part-time mentorship program. While the mentees are expected to spend 40 hours per week, if it’s full-time and 20 hours per week, if it’s part-time, on the programs, mentors are expected to spend 3-6 hours per week per mentee. This includes time spent on project ideas, reviewing proposals, answering questions, and providing feedback. Each project, mentee, and mentor is unique in their own way, and the time commitment may vary. Collaborating with fellow mentors can assist in distributing the time commitment.

In general, anyone can become a mentor; however, we do require that you possess substantial experience with the project you are mentoring for and familiarity with the community and its processes. Additionally, you should be capable of answering questions and providing guidance to the mentees.

Non-duties of Mentors

The following are not within the scope of the mentor’s duties:

  • Do the work for the mentees
  • Be available 24/7
  • Find a job for the mentees
  • Push mentees to do the project tasks