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The 2024 State of eBPF Report, is now available!

The State of eBPF 2024

eBPF allows users to run custom programs inside an operating system like the Linux kernel, which changes the behavior of the kernel and makes execution up to 10x faster and more efficient for key parts of what makes our computing lives work. That includes observability, which enables engineers to see where a system is going wrong and find fixes faster, networking, which involves everything from how fast emails move to how fast computation occurs, to security, which keeps our digital lives and infrastructure safer from cyber threats.

In January 2024, the eBPF Foundation published the State of eBPF, a qualitative research report which covers the evolution of eBPF, the revolution it created, what’s being built with it today, challenges, and where it is heading. The report provides valuable insight into how to make the most of what eBPF offers currently, plans for the future, and how stakeholders can get involved with the project to help it continue to improve.

Download the State of eBPF for free here.