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eBPF Steering Committee

The eBPF Steering Committee (BSC) is responsible for the technical direction and overall vision of eBPF, the collaboration among projects, making recommendations to the governing board, defining the minimal requirements of eBPF runtimes, overseeing community events, maintaining project lifecycle procedures, and communicating on behalf of the eBPF community.

Andrii is a Software Engineer in Facebook’s Linux kernel team. He’s a co-maintainer of BPF kernel tree and libbpf library, and focuses on BPF usability, CO-RE, and tracing applications.

Andrii Nakryiko

Software Engineer

Lorenz is a maintainer of the cilium/ebpf Go library. At Cloudflare he works on unimog, a global L4 load balancer, and all things related to eBPF.

Lorenz Bauer

Systems Engineer

Daniel Borkmann co-created eBPF and is a kernel developer at Isovalent working on all things eBPF, the Linux kernel and Cilium’s networking datapath. He is a long-term Linux kernel core contributor in the eBPF and networking subsystem for over a decade, and co-maintains both eBPF and XDP.

Daniel Borkmann

Staff Software Engineer

KP Singh is the author and maintainer of the mainline eBPF LSM (a.k.a KRSI) for flexible security audit and policy enforcement on Linux. At Google, he leads the effort to build telemetry and detection software deployed on Google’s corp, prod and cloud endpoints spanning different operating systems. He’s also the cross functional lead for the security of linux OS deployed in Google’s data centers.

KP Singh

Staff Software Engineer

Brendan Gregg is an internationally renowned expert in computing performance. Previously a leader of performance engineering at Netflix, where he did performance design, evaluation, analysis, and tuning. He authored Systems Performance and BPF Performance Tools in the Addison-Wesley professional computing series, and received the USENIX LISA Outstanding Achievement award. Previously among the top performance experts at Sun Microsystems, he has delivered industry-leading performance for a variety of products. He has also created widely used performance tools, methodologies, and visualizations, including flame graphs, and pioneered eBPF as an observability technology. His work has saved the industry over US$1B, and has been the basis for multiple startups.

Brendan Gregg

Senior Performance Engineer

Dave has 25 years of Internet standards experience where he has authored over 55 RFCs, chaired several working groups in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) for 11 years. He been a maintainer various past and present cross-platform open source projects, including AllJoyn, IoTivity, and Open Enclave. During the early 2000’s, Dave led the team in Microsoft that rewrote the core Windows TCP/IP stack to add IPv6 support, and is now leading the efforts to make eBPF be cross-platform, including the eBPF for Windows project.

Dave Thaler

Partner Software Engineer

Joe is a co-maintainer for the Cilium project. He’s passionate about building efficient network dataplanes, having contributed to a variety of OSS projects including Cilium, Open vSwitch, and the Linux kernel.

Joe Stringer

Staff Software Engineer

Alexei is the co-creator and co-maintainer of eBPF. When not hacking the kernel Alexei enjoys off-grid activities with his family: backpacking, hiking, camping.

Alexei Starovoitov

Software Engineer

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