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The 2024 State of eBPF Report, is now available!

Host Your Project

The eBPF Foundation strives to provide a neutral forum for eBPF-related projects hosted at a range of foundations and communities. We provide best practices to simplify deployment of eBPF and related projects for a variety of use cases, including comparing and contrasting user journeys pre and post eBPF implementation.

Host your project with the eBPF Foundation to benefit from a neutral community supported by the services of the Linux Foundation.

What does it mean to host a project?

Hosting a project with the Linux Foundation follows open governance, which means no one company or individual is in control of a project. This enables and protects joint investment. When the maintainers of an open source project decide to host it at the Linux Foundation, they specifically transfer ownership of the trademark for their project to the Linux Foundation. However, they don’t transfer the copyright,  since usage is already available to other users under the open source license.

Why should you host your project with the eBPF Foundation?

eBPF Foundation provides the following services:

  • A neutral home that increases adoption and contributions by not privileging any one actor.
  • A leveraged development model that decreases your costs by increasing your investment multiplier for innovation and R & D.
  • Ecosystem and operations leadership that are focused on you and your team’s success.
  • Press and communications team to create and drive the industry narrative.
  • A community engagement model that enables built-in collaboration on common opportunities and shared investment.
  • Ability to keep your maintainers and developers, and define your own governance, as long as it’s neutral.
  • A world-class events team (virtual until it’s safe for in-person), able to run events around the world from 12 to 12,000 attendees.

The Linux Foundation serves as a nonprofit home

The mission of the LF, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, is to support the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems and energy is a natural focus for solving the most complex and interconnected problems that face us.

The LF can quickly receive and distribute funding. The LF fee for fiscal sponsorship services, which includes audited financials, is 9% of the first million dollars per year and 6% of additional funds.

Join the growing roster of eBPF Foundation hosted projects and take advantage of our resources and community.

A Technical Project is defined as being an open source project that meets the following criteria.

  1.  It must meet the Trademarks requirement in the eBPF Charter.
  2. It must accept the eBPF Foundation as its primary support structure. For example, the applicable oversight body of the Technical Project agrees to send any budget requests to the eBPF Foundation and to abide by requirements and recommendations from the eBPF Foundation.
  3. The BSC must have voted to accept the project as being a Technical Project consistent with the mission and scope of the eBPF Foundation.
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