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The 2024 State of eBPF Report, is now available!

At the recent Linux Storage, Filesystems, MM, and BPF Summit, Joe Stringer from Isovalent, also a member of the eBPF Steering Committee, shared updates and future plans for the eBPF Foundation (video follows below). Here’s a summary of the key points discussed during his session titled “eBPF Foundation: ongoing work & ‘What can the foundation do for you?'”.

Mission and Structure of the eBPF Foundation

The eBPF Foundation, operating under the Linux Foundation, is dedicated to supporting the eBPF community. Its mission is to raise and allocate funds to foster technical projects and community initiatives that enhance eBPF technology. The Foundation is structured into three main bodies:

  • Governing Board: Comprised of representatives from member companies, this board oversees the fund allocation.
  • Technical Steering Committee (BSC): This committee focuses on providing technical guidance and recommendations to the governing board.
  • Marketing Committee: Responsible for organizing events, producing educational content, and promoting the eBPF ecosystem.

Key Activities and Initiatives

  1. Funding and Sponsorships:
    • The Foundation sponsors various conferences and events to promote knowledge sharing and community engagement. Recent examples include Linux Plumbers Conference and eBPF Day in India.
    • They also facilitate participation by funding travel and presentation opportunities for contributors who otherwise might not afford to attend these events.
  2. Technical Roadmaps and Standardization:
    • A significant part of the Foundation’s work involves developing technical roadmaps to guide the future of eBPF.
    • Efforts are underway to standardize eBPF technology, ensuring consistent and secure implementations across different environments.
  3. Educational and Outreach Efforts:
    • The Foundation produced a documentary about eBPF to provide context and understanding of how eBPF fits into the technology stack.
    • They are actively involved in creating and disseminating compliance and security assessment documents, helping the community meet various regulatory and security standards.
  4. Directed Development Projects:
    • Recent directed development efforts include improving ARM64 support and enhancing the LLVM BPF backend.
    • The Foundation is open to community suggestions for new projects that can benefit the eBPF ecosystem.

Community Involvement and Feedback

Stringer emphasized the importance of community involvement in shaping the Foundation’s activities. He encouraged contributors to share their ideas and feedback on how the Foundation can better support their needs. This open dialogue ensures that the Foundation’s efforts align with the community’s priorities and drive meaningful progress in eBPF technology.

Looking Ahead

The eBPF Foundation is committed to continuing its support for the eBPF community through funding, technical guidance, and educational outreach. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the Foundation aims to push the boundaries of what eBPF can achieve and solidify its role as a critical component of modern computing infrastructure.

For those interested in getting involved or staying updated with the Foundation’s activities, subscribing to their mailing list and participating in community discussions are highly recommended.